Brave of the Sun Fighbird (太陽の勇者ファイバード) is Brave Exkaiser's immediate succesor. The anime aired from the 2nd of February 1991 to the 1st of February 1992


A evil energy life form Draias has come to Earth and enlisted the help of Dr Django into helping him gain Minus Energy. Fighbird of the Galactic Guard have arrive on Earth to stop them. While his allies possess Earth vehicles, Fighbird possesses an android created by the nutty but kind hearted professor Amano and interacts with his nephews and learn more about Earth.




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Braves is a intensely merchandise based series. The main attractions are the transforming robots. There are two lines of transforming robot toys. STandarD (STD) and DeluXe (DX). The Standard line are smaller and simpler toys that usually involve pull-apart transformations/combination but they often achieve a more show accurate proportion whereas the Deluxe line have show accurate transformations and combinations.

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