"Hold up! Brave Police!" -Deckard, Introducing the Robot Detective

Deckard is the leader of the Brave Police . He first meets Yuuta six months prior to the start of the series. Through his interactions with Yuuta, he gains a heart and the two become fast friends. He is kind and caring towards his fellow Brave Police members. It's been said that Deckard has exceeded his maximum potential speed and power because of his heart.


Deckard is a robot.


Deckard's AI chip was designed and developed by Ken Shinjo, who also developed the other AI chips. (?)

Deckard first met Yuuta six months before the series started when the latter accidentally fell into a tunnel leading into the underground bunker where Deckard was being built. Yuuta also accidentally woke Deckard up, who introduced himself to the boy. Yuuta then introduced himself and his name became the first words ingrained into Deckard's memory. After that, Yuuta would return to the underground bunker to teach Deckard new things, like introducing himself properly and learning how to walk, along with also giving Deckard a heart and helping him understand emotions like joy, anger and sadness.


Brave Detective DeckardEdit

His basic form. When attempting to arrest a criminal he says 'Hold Up! Brave police!'. He transforms into a police car.


Deckard's support vehicle. Can be remotely controlled.

Police Formation J-DeckerEdit

Deckard can combine with the J-Roader to become the Super Robot J-Decker. Chief Saejima reveals that the name J-Decker is a combination of Justice and Deka (detective in Japanese).

J-Decker Max Cannon ModeEdit

J-Decker can form up with Gun Max into the Max Cannon Mode. It has devastating fire power but requires a bit of a charge up.

Great Police Formation Fire J-DeckerEdit

Before Duke Fire's introduction, Chief Saejima was contemlating a name for the ultimate Brave Police. Wonder if it should be 'Great J-Decker' but thinking the name too plain he decides to name it Fire J-Decker based on the passiom and hot bloodedness that is required to be a great detective. Fire -Jecker using his Burning Fire Sword to right the wrongs of all criminals.

Fire J-Decker Max Cannon ModeEdit

Like J-Decker, Gun Max can add his own fire power to Fire J-Decker. Potentially having even more power being hooked up to both J-Decker and Duke Fire simultaneously.